Histrionic Lyrically Dependent Prepubescent Hack Band

i am trying too hard
i am trying too hard
i am trying too hard
i am trying too hard

to be what you need

(i'm trying too hard) to be what you need?
or i'm trying too hard (to be what you need)?
even i don't know where the emphasis falls anymore

watch me walk--i'll kill it, i'll kill it
my pseudo-intellectualism has abandoned your pretty words,
left me for your pretty mouth
filled my head with hard unrounding consonants and condolences

it's called a cliche for a reason
thank you for not talking. thank you for not talking back.
thank you for leaving me for dead.

my fingers tap, rub,
sssssmack against my thighs
in a pretty mockery of rhythm
goosebumps raise and remind me that you left me cold
or maybe that i can't ever quit you cold-turkey
a charlie brown scream (augh! augh!) tumbles through my lips
as you once again pull the football (or maybe the rug)
from where it should have connected

d a g b g b g d a g b g b g
d a g b g b g d a g b g b g
b f# e g e g e b f# e g e g e
eminor b e minor b
f# f# c # e
b f# e g e g e b f# e g e g e
d a g b g b g d a g b g b g
b f# e g e g e b f# e g e g e
d a g b g b g d a g b g b g
d a g b g b g d a g b g b g

you can sin or spend the night all alone. jesse lacey will always say it better.


now that was just a warm up
let's get warmed up
call me later because
i get so despondent without your voice
we both know that i know how it feels to
lose a chunk,
gain a chunk,
keep going unwhole
i know how this goes and
you will not trick me again
you have me trapped in my own logic
tied up and
too weak but still breathing
i've gotten stronger and
i know how to bite my lip against the sort of image you drag up
you asked too many questions and
asked for too many answers and
asked too much of me
trying to watch my reaction to use against me later
the way i bite my lip against you
and so i'm pulling my eyes shut to avoid seeing your face and
i'm drowning you out with this can of mace and
i'm forcing myself to see something i don't want to see,
can't bear to see
i already know
so why do you keep trying to tell me
so why do you keep trying to tell me
i already know
and as much as the simple fact kills me
it isn't what's keeping me up at night
no i don't want your pity and
even though i know you're trying to help
even though i know you're helping
you're only keeping the wounds open and
the words out
too bad i already know the curve of your name
well enough to trace it in the dark

let me go for a few days
let me have a week to myself
let me have a week where i don't pick up the phone
when it's me avoiding you and
not the other way around
let me curl up on my bed
on top of the covers and
not eat
not sleep
let me just exist
just for a week
just until they prescribe
what they think i need
just enough to keep me going
just let me have a week
just call me all the time
so you can get angry when i don't pick up
just let me lock myself down
just for a week


you look at me and
ask how sexual i can get
but baby i must tell you
it's about the sweat
it's about time you
get caught in my net
in my web, and we're
losing our way to find our
heavy thumping bass line
i just want to teach you how to solo
i just want to hear you while you solo
now tell me what you want to hear
i'll have you moaning from ear to ear
see, baby, i can talk out of my ass, too
i can talk just as much shit about you


this is exactly what i'd like to do to you

stop me before i love you too much to keep from tearing you apart
please stop me


just a lie, i said, and watched you insist that that's all it was. just a lie, you stressed, and for once you didn't understand a single thing i was trying to tell you.

i'm repeating myself, at this point, but i'm making my point and i'm repeating everything you said out loud to my empty room.
i will write as if no one is reading this
and hope that it makes a difference.
ashes to ashes to all of us falling down
there are words and stanzas and i continue to drown
take your shoes and shine them
take diamonds and mine them
forever is too long,
especially when i'm just waiting for you to fall apart.
(do you get it?
do you?)
see i laid my fingers in the dish
cleaned them off
took a hot towel and wiped the mess around
we only drink soup from one side of the spoon
and my big canary yellow cobalt blue
keeps clunking into the side of my bowl
please, excuse him
she's so rude, talking over you like that
i'm like marie curie with the way i'm always trying to save everyone around me
and with this bread and water diet
i'll be passing out in no time
it's all the rage in paris.

kissing cousins versus killer queens versus kingdom come
vice versa
my biggest vice is your shortest verse
anything too long and i fall to shame
better make this quick