and i am telling you we have not been here before

If only you would move

you've left your mark

hit the target

just like you do every time

you are hopeful and sweet,

face turned up toward the light


running from you
i am running away
running down the page but
ive been waiting for months
praying for years
filling my lungs and
puffing smoke away from me
dragging my feet along the ground

i could eat your heart (out) over and over again but i wouldn't ever get full never ever

shut the door
drag the well
fill the lake
ready to jump to scream to fall ready for anything with you
i think youre ready.
i know you arent ready.

this is your future served on a platter (here it is here it is)
preventing you from touching me
too strong it's too strong and it is holding you back
stop talking with your mouth
stop) breathing when your mouths
take a swig and
jump off the bridge and
knock you out
knock you down
pin it back
take you now

i wrote this half asleep and it is nowhere near as good as you deserve but i will never show you my top quality shit