how full of love am I

Tea that refuses to boil,
steeped in cold.
(Will I have to ask to die? Will I?)
A cure for death in baby hands,
quick pedestals you can't control.

there's no time to be anything more than I am,
flighty and fighting.
Will you struggle into my hands?
Will you snarl at the last shreds of my skin?
The tears and tears and rips that bind me to you.
I will steal your death.
Take the tendons from my arms,
snap the cradle of my ribs,
draw veins open along my legs.
I will keep it for myself.

You never forget your first time.

One day I will shake your hand.
You will live forever.
Peter Pan.
My first and favorite vampire.

But after that first breach,
After the first exchange,
the first as each other's,
the very first bound exchange,

you should have realized you could never hold what I have to offer.

these pedestals will crumble,
the world will implode.
everything will crash into itself;
smaller and smaller,
inconceivable steps towards breaking.
the particles will become compact in a way they never were.
The Law of Conservation of Mass.
but in any case.

I will curl
my hands
into fists in my lap,
careful to say it back.
I do.
I love you too.
Quiet imaginings cannot change that.
My heart is yours.

Sorry, dude.
My bad.

A luckier man
would not have to wait for my
unlucky response.